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After the Maha govt first g r about pgrs, we had formed a association Organic Agro Manufactures Association to defend our industry. We got the success also in keeping the entrepreneurs unaffected from govt non deserved interference in pgrs. Some people decided to go differently to take care of their own agenda. Wich was surely detrimental to small entrepreneurs. To safeguard the interests of small and all members of our industry, we formed the OMA our own association,where we all are members. In a short period of 6 years plus,we made remarkable progress in our fights for our rights. We had secured a stay on govts gr on the matter of pgrs. Thanks to the untirig efforts of our managing committee and our lawyers who worked without wasting any time. Govt playing their cards again, cancelled the earlier g r and came up with another g r. We procured stay on the second g r also. Our intensions are very clear and for the betterment of industry members. One thing we would like clear that unless we come to gether, we cannot survive in this market. We have more enemies within and outside the industry. Hence unity only is going to save us . We have all the qualified and experienced people in our managing committee, who all think for industry welfare, while doing own businesses. We are committed to get our industry to a place where all of us would be benefitted. We appeal to the non members to come and join hands with us. Jointly we can not only survive but can grow fast. Coming together with all the resources we can contribute , only going to save us.

Vijay Thakur
Oama Association.